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    The MyFertiPot Kit is the only fertilizer your plants need, IT’S NEVER BEEN EASIER! It´s a professional, universal fertilization formula with an advanced technology developed for at-home cultivation. It contains all the nutrients and microelements necessary for the perfect development of any plant. At the same time, it stabilizes the pH easily for correct nutrient absorption

    MyFertiPot3L is composed of:

    -          1L of Universal A

    -          1L of Universal B

    -          1L of PH chromatic...

    39,90 €
    39,90 €
  • 59,90 €

    You will only need the MyFertiPot Fertilization Kit to grow any kind of plants, IT IS VERY EASY AND INTUITIVE! It is a universal fertilizer with high tech, professional characteristics easy to use for everyone, with or without gardening experience. It integrates all the macronutrients and microelements that any plant requires for perfect growth. Simultaneously, the pH stabilizes easily; this allows for correct absorption of all the nutrients.  

    MyFertiPot 11L fertilization Kit consists of:

    -          5L of Universal A

    -          5L of Universal B

    -          1L of pH chromatic stabilizer (pH down)

    -          Instructions and...

    59,90 €
    59,90 €
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items