In this section you can find the MyPot® Growing Tables  that we have available at New Garden System, as well as promotions, offers and discounts of the models we have available for sale.

What is an Automatic Growing Table?

The Automatic Grow Tables are composed of all the elements necessary to begin your urban garden in your own house in a quick and simple way even without any previous gardening knowledge. MyPot® hydroponic cultivation system allows you to program the automatic watering, and maximise the use of water and fertilizer. MyPot® Automatic Grow Table takes up less than 1m2, and can be placed in gardens, terraces, balconies, porches... It allows you to cultivate, at home, different kinds of vegetables or plants with professional farming technology, besides; optimum maintenance hardly requires time or resources. You may optionally add more MyPot® plantation modules and increase your vertical garden in a small space. It also allows you to increase the tank capacity and autonomy of the hydroponic system. 

What is Grow Table for?

Environmental and food safety concerns are growing more and more in society. Urban vertical gardens are a useful solution for urban areas, as they produce healthier food and more pleasant urban environments. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough time or knowledge to grow their own food, so we developed MyPot®, to simplify and help all those people. By producing your own food, you are helping to achieve a greener and less polluted world, because you are reducing your carbon footprint, improving your eating all the while securing the origin of your food.   

First hydroponic growing table for outdoor use

MyPot® Automatic Growing Tables are the first grow tables based on a hydroponic system that can be used outdoors, such as terraces, balconies or patios. They were designed so the plants can resist extreme temperatures up to 45ºC. They are also protected against UV radiation and have a robust structure that allows them to be stacked vertically to heights greater than 2m while maintaining an attractive design.

Urban growers who opt for MyPot® hydroponics systems do not have to worry too much about their upkeep and can choose to place them both inside and outside of the house, as long as the lighting is suitable for the plants.

MyPot® growing table is the best option to create this personalized, ecological space, so difficult to find in today's homes, in perfect harmony with the rest of the home decor, and, above all, easy maintenance.

What to plant in a MyPot® Grow Table?

One of the advantages of the MyPot® Automatic Growing Tables is that it allows high agro-biodiversity in less than 1m2. Your MyPot® urban garden is compact but very productive, and our exclusive professional farming techniques combination allow you to combine up to 8 different plants in a MyPot® plantation module, be they vegetables, fruits or ornamental plants.

With our hydroponic cultivation system you will grow as a professional easily and automatically, creating dishes with a wide variety of fresh and healthy vegetables grown by yourself. It allows, for example, to grow at the same time: tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, courgettes, celery, eggplant... MyPot® is therefore the simplest, cleanest, most productive and economic  method that currently exists on the market.

Urban kitchen Garden Table

MyPot® Automatic Grow Table is ideal for growing a great urban vegetable garden. Composed of a tank module and a plantation module that don´t take up more than 1 m2, it is a compact cultivation table that will optimize the home space and save your time. You can grow up to 8 different plants in each plantation module, which is filled with perlite substrate (not soil). This inert and safe substrate is authorized for use in organic farming. Each planting module has a water reserve mechanism of up to 4L that is renewed with each recirculation. This system acts as a safety mechanism in the event of electricity failure or if there is a problem with the recirculation pump.  The plants will not undergo any stress and you will get great growth. 

The tank module in charge of housing the MyFertiPot nutrient solution, offers great autonomy as it has a capacity of up to 14L. Inside is harboured the recirculation pump responsible for raising the water to the plantation modules. MyPot® hydroponic cultivation system is modular, which allows for creating, in a very simple way, a wonderful vertical cultivation table over 2m in height. You simply have to add plantation or spacer modules, depending on your preferences, and replace the recirculation pump with one suitable for higher heights.

New Garden System cares about facilitating cultivation to all types of people, with or without previous experience in the gardening world, for this we have other accessories that will assist you, such as wheels to allow movement, adjustable feet to level the garden, reservoir extension kit to increase autonomy, poles kit to guide your plants or a nursery to germinate your seeds. All will help optimize your time and your cultivation.


Home gardening tables and urban garden tables

Enjoying a vertical grow table never was so simple. Our cultivation tables are designed to be easily and comfortably expanded, through the recirculation pump and, thanks to the comfort of the MyPot® system, you can turn your hydroponic cultivation table in a fantastic vertical garden that will barely use 1m2 of your home.

We are often restricted when having an urban garden at home because of space and time constraints. The automatic growing tables thus become easy-to-maintain urban garden tables, which barely require space, are also made of non-toxic materials and are environmentally friendly. They are ideal for relaxing, spending time with the family and teaching the little ones how to grow their food, which they will be happy to eat because they planted them. Is also prefect for the work place, so you can enjoy plants for teas and/or the beauty of flowers in the same place.

How to Use an Automatic Growing Table

The maintenance of your urban garden has never been so easy, once it is planted you will only have to guide the plants and replace the MyFertiPot nutrient solution. The urban garden’s automatic system needs to be connected to a power supply for the recirculation pump and timer to work. 

           We recommend you to configure it as follows:

First weeks: Recirculate every 2-3 hours to promote root growth in the plantation module.

Indoor plants: Irrigation cycle every 12-24 hours

Vegetables, medicinal plants and outdoor ornamental plants: Irrigation cycle every 1-2 hours during hot weather; Irrigation cycle every 12-24 hours, during cold weather.

Domestic Cutlives Kits  There are 2 products.

  • 194,00 €

    Grow your vegetables at home, it is ver easy and fast with MyPot! The MyPot® automatic hydroponic garden is an easy farming system that allows you to grow healthy food in a small spaces, quickly and automatically. It has a compact design suitable for balconies, terraces, gardens and can even be used inside home. You dont need soil to grow plants!  What...

    194,00 €
  • 290,00 €

    With the Tower model, you can grow up to 16 healthy vegetables at home, it is ver easy to use because it works automatically MyPot's Vertical Garden requires minimal space making it ideal for balconies, terraces, patios or gardens, and also can be installed inside the home. What does the MyPot® Tower Model Vertical Garden kit include? 2 MyPot® planting...

    290,00 €
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