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Add accesories on your urban orchard with the MyPot Accesories by New Garden System

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  • Germination & Cutting

    Porque usar los Jyffis para cultivar?

    Los JIFFYS MyPot® son grandes amigos de cultivadores, pues te harán fácil el proceso de a germinar y enraizar tus plantas a partir de semillas o esquejes. Son unos discos de fibra de coco prensada de alta calidad que al hidratarse se descomprimen y crecen en tamaño. Para usarlos solo necesitarás hidratarlos con agua hasta que se hinchen, y obtendrás un sustrato en cantidad suficiente y de muy alta calidad para la propagación de las plantas.

    Esta pastilla tiene muy buena aireación pero no puede dejarse secar en exceso en ningún momento, ni tampoco tener un exceso de agua que nos pudra los esquejes o semillas. Una vez que la semilla ha germinado o el esqueje muestra las primeras raíces, será el momento de trasplantarlo directamente a tu sistema de cultivo MyPot® o tierra.

    Germinar semillas o esquejes en Jiffy (o discos de fibra de coco) es fácil, ahorra tiempo y espacio, pues podrás optimizar el número de plantas obtenidas en un espacio reducido, cuidándolas todas al mismo tiempo, pues no necesitarás llenar más semilleros de tierras. Además, de este modo podrás obtener las plantas que más te gusten a partir de semillas y ahorrarás dinero al no necesitar ir al vivero a comprarlas.

    Disponemos de varios tamaños de discos de coco dependiendo del tipo de plantas que quiera cultivar. Todos fabricados con fibra de coco prensada deshidratada y ofrecen muy buena calidad para el cultivo. La fibra de coco es uno de los mejores sustratos para el cultivo del huerto urbano. Es ligera, y proporciona un gran volumen de sustrato con muy poco peso. La fibra de coco proporciona:

    • Excelente oxigenación: permite que el aire atraviese los macroporos, haciendo que las raíces respiren y que el agua circule.
    • Optima capacidad de retención de agua: Este material absorbe agua y lo disponibiliza a las plantas paulatinamente.
    • pH neutro: Con este pH podrás cultivar la mayoría de plantas, sean hortalizas u ornamentales.

    ¡Con New Garden System cultivar nunca fue tan fácil, cómodo y eficiente!

  • Substrate
  • MyPot® Staking Kit includes:

    - 8 tubes* of 2, 5 mm ø internal x 5 mm ø external

    - 5 tubes* de 5 mm internal ø x 7, 5 mm ø external

    - 4 tubes* de 12 mm ø internal x 14 mm ø external

    - 1 tube de 20 cm of 14 mm ø internal x 16, 5 mm ø external

    - Flexible microtube for fixing PVC pipes together

    - Rings for plant training

    * The tubes are 1m in length, made of white PVC and fit together to facilitate the compositions.

    MyPot® STAKING KIT: For training plants, which is one of the essential tasks in the garden or kitchen...

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    23,72 €
  • MyPot® CASTERS KIT facilitates the process for MyPot® growing system’s users, therefore our modules (MyPot® planting module and tank module) are designed to have casters fitted at the base. You will obtain a vegetable garden or planter with wheels, which can be moved easily and comfortably. This makes cleaning easy and enables you to change the location of your garden or kitchen garden very quickly.

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    11,98 €
  • MyPot® LEVELING KIT is designed to counter inclined/uneven patios or terraces that are designed to drain runoff water. In order to obtain a completely vertical garden/kitchen garden, you can install levelling legs at its base. Our modules (tank and plantation module) are designed with holes at their bottom for levelling, so you can optimize the operation of the system on inclined surfaces.

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    16,94 €
  • DOSING DEVICEis an external part of the MyPot® plantation module. It is placed at the top and works as a lid to the system. This tray includes 4 planting holes that create a crown with 4 plants at the top of MyPot® cultivation systems. It also has an important role in plant training, because it has holes in which to place the stakes and guide the stem’s growth of the urban kitchen garden. This element receives the water from the tank module during recirculation and redistributes it homogeneously; regulating the flow and providing a gentle rain of water and nutrients...

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    13,67 €
  • The DRAINAGE GRID is an internal part of the MyPot® planting module. It is designed to separate the perlite substrate from the 4L internal reservoir. It is essential for the correct functioning of the cultivation system. It allows correct internal drainage for the perlite, promoting water capillarity and distributing the humidity that forms in the internal reservoir to the entire MyPot® plantation module. It controls the roots’ expansion and helps to oxygenate the water. MyPot® anti-root filters are placed on the surface to control root expansion.

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    16,21 €
  • MyPot® TANK MODULE PLUG is a small piece designed to seal this module. It is placed in the tank’s hole and must be removed in order to check the amount of nutrient solution in the system and to fill it.

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    2,54 €
  • MyPot® ANTI-ROOT FILTERS are 12 anti-root replacement sponges for the MyPot® hydroponic cultivation system, sufficient for 3 MyPot® plantation modules. These filters are sponges that are placed in the internal MyPot® planting module drainage grid; allowing water and nutrients circulation while discouraging roots from reaching the internal reservoir of this module. They have been designed to not completely block the roots from penetrating, so they do reach the module over time. This is how the integration of the floating root hydroponic system is achieved, after the plants have completely matured and require a greater amount of water.

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    6,29 €
  • There are 4 lids for the module’s surface and 4 for the sides. It will be necessary to place these lids in the planting holes that are not being used to avoid excessive water evaporation.

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    5,81 €
  • Configure your cultivation system from the MyPot® pieces.
    If you are thinking of giving a MyPot® Module or system to someone, the decorative bands will allow you to give them an original and unique touch that will enhance the presentation of your gift.

    The decorative bands are a complement designed to give a special touch to the urban garden or vertical garden. They are not stickers that leave a mark, they are semi-flexible plastic strips with photographic quality printing and UV treatment that you can replace whenever you want. Easy to install in the planting module


    • Material: PVC printed in high quality with UV treatment

    Associated products:

    • Crop...
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    9,68 €
  • The NutriTank 100L is an accessory designed to increase the irrigation autonomy of the MyPot® automatic systems. It is a 100L flexible, resistant and durable tank. It is easily connected to the MyPot® Tank Module by attaching it to the level buoy with a microtube. It allows to increase the irrigation autonomy and not worry about watering the plants for a longer time.

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    74,05 €
  • The MyPot Irrigation Kit (without pump) is made up of two parts: the Connection Kit, whose purpose is to connect the recirculation pump to distribute the water, and a drain kit to collect the excess water from the hydroponic tray. Pump, tank and timer are not included.

    This kit is recommended to automate the watering of MyPot horizontal orchards (4 planting modules per square metre) on 1x1m or 2x1m hydroponic trays. For 4 m2 crops use two irrigation kits, one for each 2x1m tray.

    MyPot irrigation kit includes:
    Connection kit. It includes the necessary components to connect the submersible pump and distribute the irrigation water: 3m of microtube, 2.5 m of 12mm tube, 2 6-way connectors, 1 12mm elbow, 1 connector for the pump, a plug for the 12mm rubber,...

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    19,00 €
  • It is a set of MyPot® JIFFYS consisting of 70 discs of high quality, pressed coconut fibre. It includes two sizes, fifty 45mm jiffys, ideal for seeds germination and twenty 50x95mm jiffys ideal for cuttings from trees, shrubs or ornamental plants (geraniums, carnations ...). To use them you will only need to hydrate them with water until they swell and then place the seeds or cuttings inside. You can clone your favourite plants from stems or reproduce your favourite vegetables from seeds.

    After planting, the discs need adequate moisture, so that they do not dry out at any time or rot from becoming waterlogged....

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    21,78 €