Why is it necessary to stabilize the nutrient solution’s pH in a hydroponic farming system?

A very important factor for the correct functioning of any living organismis pH. It influences biological processes and reactions in both animals and plants. PH imbalances contribute to diseases in all living beings. It is of fundamental importance in our day to day lives; thanks to the pH there is an internal balance in living beings that, if it undergoes a slight imbalance, can even cause death.

The pH scale is between 0 and 14, closer to 0 is more acid and closer to 14 is more basic (or alkaline), pH 7 is neutral. Each organism has evolved to be adapted to optimum pH conditions. For most plants, roots must be in a medium ranging from 5 to 7 pH however, there are acidophilic plants (preferring slightly acid soils pH <7) or basophilic plants (which prefer alkaline soils pH > 7). Most food and ornamental plant’s optimum pH level is around 5.5, where they flourish.

In soilless growing systems (Hydroponics, aeroponics, floating root ...) plants depend heavily on the nutrient solution’s pH when irrigated, so it is extremely important to adapt the pH of this solution to the optimal during plant nutrition intervals (See nutrient availability chart according to pH). This is a limiting factor for many growers, who do not succeed with their crops because of difficulty in pH stabilization. In the chart you can see the nutrient availability for plants depending on the nutrient solution pH. A thicker bar means that the nutrients are more available, and a thinner bar means that the plants have less capacity to nourish themselves with that element. The availability of nutrients depends on the acidity or alkalinity of the growing medium

New Garden System has solved this problem easily; we have developed a CHROMATIC pH STABILIZER (pH down) that adjusts the pH of the nutrient solution to optimum values for plant nutrition in a simple way. When adding the MyPot® chromatic pH stabilizer, the nutrient solution will change to an INTENSE ORANGE colour when the pH value is 5.5, which is adequate for the healthy growth of the garden. Thus, you will not need pH measuring devices or other products to achieve optimum pH.

Once the nutrient solution is ready and the pH stabilized with the MyFertiPot kit, you only have to pour it into the MyPot® tank module of your urban garden (cultivation table, vertical garden or vertical kitchen garden) and recirculate the water with the fertilizer. As it is a closed system, the pH does not destabilize in its interior, so you don’t have to continuously take pH measurements of your system. You can also use this irrigation water in other hydroponic systems and/or soil cultivation.

Why do we use a formula rich in micronutrients and low in nitrogen?

The New Garden System team cares deeply about offering quality to its customers, both of the products and of the plant’s health, which will be directly transmitted to the health of the user that consumes the food and herbs. That's why we have developed the MyFertiPot universal fertilizer. It is very balanced, rich in micronutrients and low in nitrogen, which will allows for high quality and very healthy plants

NITROGEN plays an important role in all fertilizers, as it is involved in the production of proteins, amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll, alkaloids and nucleic acids. It is mainly responsible for the plants vigour and the growth of branches, stems and leaves, but a deficiency or excess can lead to cultivation problems.

An adequate nitrogen and micronutrients level in plants will provide very desirable  characteristics:

  • A Greaternumber of leaves, better stems, fruits and seeds with great vigour and flavour.
  • Better chlorophyll levels and photosynthesis
  • Increased resistance to pests and diseases such as fungi / insects / viruses / bacteria.
  • More resistance to frost and low temperatures
  • Great vegetative vigour   

If plants suffer from a nitrogen and / or trace elements deficiency, weaknesses occur, which can be seen in the plant's morphology and physiology. This may lead to slowed plant growth, yellowish or stained leaves due to low chlorophyll levels; lower resistance to pests, diseases or frost; lower flowering quality and fruits or seeds production; loss of leaves due to high chlorosis levels...

If these deficiencies occur in the plants, the growth and product6ivity will be considerably reduced. It is important to maintain adequate nutrient concentration during all cultivation phases.

On the other hand, plants may also suffer from a nitrogen excess, that is counterproductive and can lead to problems in the production and quality of flowers and fruits. Some of the symptoms of nitrogen excess are an excess of leaves (which reduce fruit production), fragile stems, less sweetness in fruits, longer ripening periods, deformed leaves, and low resistance to pests, diseases and frost.

MyFertiPot contains doses of nitrogen and microelements that are very suitable and balanced in order to avoid excess or lack of any nutrient, thanks to its richness in mineral salts and microelements. These last elements act mainly on the plant’s physiological and/or metabolic functions, which are very important during flowering and fruition periods. These salts encourage the plant to produce high quality fruits, without becoming "engorged" from an excess of nitrogen, having a high vitamin and nutrient concentration, which will help the consumers health and also unequaled flavours thanks to the increment in volatile compounds produced in the plants.

Why do we separate A and B components if they are the same Universal formula?

MyPot® Universal fertilizer consists of two elements, Universal A and Universal B, that complement each other to form part of the same fertilization formula. Universal A contains the nutrients most demanded by plants during the growth phase, and Universal B provides the micronutrients and trace elements most needed for the flowering and fruition phases. Although, as aforementioned, they are part of the same fertilization formula, so that is not the main reason for the separation of these components.

The nutrients in the MyFertiPot Fertilization Kit are separated to prevent a chemical reaction between them that causes precipitation of salt crystals. If mixed directly, a chemical reaction will occur which produces new compounds that cannot be assimilated by plants in the form of insoluble crystals. This problem is solved by separating the components and mixing them only when preparing the nutrient solution.

The Cultivation system that combines the best hydroponic techniques.

Hydroponics has been developed from different methods, this word comes from the ancient greek Hidro (Water) and Ponos (cultivation / crop). It is a soilless cultivation, in which water is used as the basis for plant growth. There are several hydroponic techniques (substrate hydroponics, aeroponics, floating root, NFT ...) that may use substrates to favour the development of the roots of the plants. These substrates can be organic (coconut fibre, rice husk) or inorganic (perlite, rock wool, arlite ...) and the crops can be fertilized with organic or soluble mineral fertilizers (bioponics, aquaponics). Each one offers specific characteristics and pros/cons in growing systems, but MyPot® has managed to select the best of each technique and combine it into a single growing system to make it more efficient, productive and easy to use with or without previous experience.  

New Garden System has developed a planting module that combines hydroponics with and without substrate and uses mineral and organic fertilizers for the growth of almost any plant (except, for example, tubers). MyPot® cultivation system can combine hydroponics with substrate (expanded perlite), aeroponics and floating root, with bio-mineral fertilization thanks to our MyFertiPot Kit and our MyPot® biologically active perlite, which creates a bioponic system that makes plants grow with great strength, health and quality. 

In addition, this modular cultivation system is ideal for use in aquaponic systems, as it serves as a biological filter for ponds, small lakes and/or aquariums creating an integrated crop system that produces high quality vegetables or spectacular flowers, and at the same time purifying fish water.

             - Perlite as a substrate for MyPot® hydroponic cultivation System

Among all the substrates available for hydroponic farming systems, expanded perlite has been the substrate that offers the best results in our growing system. The EXPANDED PERLITA is a natural, inert substrate, with a neutral pH that does not contribute with any chemical elements to the plants, and simply offers a medium for the root’s growth and development.

It is a volcanic, perlite rock composed mostly of silicon, "expanded" because during its formation, it cooled rapidly on entering contact with water so it dilates, forming pores of a suitable size for water penetration and circulation.

This substrate is white, although MyPot® biologically activated perlite may present a yellowish colour due to the presence of microorganisms (beneficial to plants and harmless to humans).  The expanded perlite offers high capillarity, which allows the water to rise, from the MyPot® reservoir of the plantation module, to the top of the module, creating a humidity chamber inside.  Also, it has a wonderful water retaining capacity, which is released gradually to the plants roots, according to their needs. Nevertheless, it also favours good drainage and root oxygenation in the gardens. Also, perlite is cheap, clean and lightweight, allowing you to have an urban garden without getting dirty and avoiding the need to carry bags of soil whenever you want to plant. 

What is bioponics? Using biologically active perlite. 

BIOPONICS is an innovative cultivation technique, because it incorporates the use of living organisms, those naturally present in soil, into hydroponic farming systems. So your garden fertilizes itself, because these microorganisms produce organic fertilizers that plants easily assimilate.

These microorganisms have been used for a long time in soil agriculture, as common knowledge tells us that Mycorrhizae (a type of fungus) or bacteria join symbiotically with the plants’ roots, producing high quality organic substances for the plants in exchange for sugars and other components. Cultivating with these microorganisms in the MyPot® hydroponic cultivation system is very beneficial, because they act as natural fortifiers helping to prevent the pests or diseases appearance and improve the leaves, stems, flowers and fruits development.

All MyPot® products that include perlite also carry the added microorganisms, creating a biologically active perlite, which provides natural and eco-friendly growth in vegetables from the urban kitchen garden

What is the Aquaponics?

AQUAPONICS is an eco-frindly cultivation system where plants and aquatic animals are produced at the same time, combining traditional fish farming with hydroponic vegetable cultivation.

An aquaponic system is a biological filter, where the plants’ roots purify water from ponds, small lakes or large aquariums where aquatic animals grow. Fish castings usually accumulate in closed systems and sometimes it becomes a toxic problem for aquatic animals, yet at the same time, they are a great ecological fertilizer for the plants’ development because they are rich in nitrogen.

Aquaponic systems consist of several components, such as a fish breeding area, biofilters and a planting area. MyPot® plantation module includes these last two, as the perlite acts as a filter removing the larger particles and the roots of the plants act as biofilters, eliminating the nitrogenous substances, ready to be immediately installed in your pond.

In MyPot® cultivation systems you can recirculate the nutrient-rich water that the aquatic organisms leave, thus preventing the water from turning green from algae and you will cultivate 100% healthy vegetables at the same time. After the water circulates through the system, it is cleaned, oxygenated and returned to the fish breeding area for re-recirculation. Some of the most suitable vegetables for aquaponic systems are green leafy vegetables such as chard, spinach or lettuce, vegetables such as beans, fruit such as strawberries and herbs

Some of the main advantages of aquaponic systems are the combined production of sustainable fish and vegetables, which reduces your environmental impact; a decrease of water consumption thanks to its cyclical reuse; It’s suitable for places where water or fertile land aren’t readily available; plants are fertilized naturally with aquatic animal’s castings; water is filtered in aquatic systems.

Why use Jiffys for cultivating?

MyPot® JIFFYS are a gardener’s best friend, as you germinate and root your plants from seeds or cuttings much easier. They are high quality pressed coconut fibre discs which, when hydrated, decompress and grow in size. To use them, you only need to hydrate with water until they swell, and you will obtain enough high quality substrate for plants to propagate.

This pad provides great aeration but mustn’t be allowed to become excessively dry or waterlogged at any moment, as this may rot the cuttings or seeds. When the seed has germinated or the cutting shows the first roots, it’s time to transplant it directly into your MyPot® growing system or soil.

Germinating seeds or cuttings in Jiffy (or coconut fibre discs) is easy, saves time and space, because you can optimize the number of plants obtained in a reduced space, taking care of all them together, as you will not need to use any other nursery. In addition, you can grow your favourite plants from seed and save money that you would have spent at the garden centre.  

We have several sizes of coconut discs, suited to any type of plant you wish to grow. It’s made entirely out of pressed, dehydrated coconut fibre that provides high quality cultivation. Coconut fibre is one of the best substrates for cultivating in urban kitchen gardens. It is lightweight, and provides a large volume of substrate with very little weight. Coconut fibre provides:

  • Excellent oxygenation: allowing the air to pass through the macropores, favouring root breathing and water circulation.
  • Optimal water retention: This material absorbs water and makes it available to plants gradually.
  • Neutral pH: Thanks to this pH, you will be able to cultivate the majority of plants, vegetables, flowers or herbs.

With New Garden System, cultivating has never been easier, more comfortable or efficient!

What are the advantages of growing with a hydroponic system?

Although, at first, cultivating with hydroponic systems may seem complex and only suitable for specialists, MyPot® has simplified the cultivation process, making it suitable for every grower, with or without previous experience in urban or vertical gardening.

With MyPot® gardening is easy, and you will obtain all the benefits that hydroponics provides:

  • You will save up to 90% of water compared to traditional crops, because our sealed system recirculates water and it’s only lost by evapotranspiration (evaporation through the plants leaves).
  • You will save on fertilizer, making an optimal use of this resource. This closed system prevents volatilization and nutrient loss whithin. In addition, as it is a bioponic system, the microorganisms will consistently produce nutritious elements for plants, and this allows you to use highly diluted amounts of added fertilizer.
  • It requires minimal space compared to traditional cultivation. In addition, MyPot® allows vertical modular growth, so you can create a vertical kitchen or flower garden with customized height in under 1 m2.
  • Reduce production costs considerably. Once you have purchased the system, it will be so productive that it will mean savings in the medium term, so you quickly recover your investment.
  • The appearance of pests, parasites, viruses or bacteria in crops is reduced.
  • You will obtain a tidy and hygienic garden, without soiling your planting space with dirt. Very suitable for urban environments.      
  • Crops grow quickly, so you harvest 3 times faster compared to traditional soil systems.
  • Suitable for use with all types of water, be it hard or soft.
  • You can grow your own high quality, great tasting food at home
  • You don’t need previous knowledge to start cultivating; MyPot® cultivation system is easy and automatic. You will obtain wonderful harvests from the first plantation.
  • Your crops won’t have nutritional deficiencies; MyFertiPot and Biologically Active perlite provide everything necessary for the plants to have optimal nutrition all times. 

Fertilizers and substrates for hydroponics  There are 6 products.


  • Universal Fertilizer
  • Gama Easy

    Easy is designed to make your life easier, for this we have divided the life cycle of your favorite plants into 4 phases and we have developed a single product for each of them.
    Fertilizer suitable for:
    Would you like to not have to mix products in order to feed your plants in a balanced way and also get the best possible result?
    What if you could have it all in one product?
    Imagine being able to fertilize your plants without a nutrition table and using only one product.
    Now with easy all this IS POSSIBLE
    Why should you try the easy fertilizer product range on your crops?

    Always the same range of Fertilizer.

    Whether you grow in pots, in soil, in In coconut or hydroponic systems you will use the same range of products and you will get the best possible result.

    More production and more quality.

    Our formulas have been developed by experts in plant nutrition and tested on many crops before being released.

    You will use only one product for each phase.

    By using only one product, you won't make mistakes and you will spend less time preparing the nutritive solution.

    You will save a lot of money.

    The new Easy range for Growing and Flowering is twice as economical as most brands on the market and the Fill and Finish range will cost you three times less, however, the result you will get will be better and the final product will be of higher quality.

    3 simple steps to fertilizing with Easy.
    PASO 1
    Select the carafe according to the growing phase you are in (remember to use only one carafe for each phase).
    PASO 2
    Add fertilizer slowly until you reach the recommended EC for the week or growing phase you are in. (If you do not have an EC meter, select the water quality you have and use the dosage table.
    PASO 3
    Check that the ph is within the values (5.5 to 6.8) and if so you can water your plants.
  • Estabilizador de pH
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