Who We Are?

We are a young and innovative company, trying to revolutionize the concept of the urban cultivation, putting it at citizenship service. We like what we do and we bring out the best of each one in our activity. We have an experience based on the research of our own method based on sustainability and respect to the environment to ensure that the binomial nature and health is incorporated into our lives in a simple and easy way to integrate. We work to achieve a more ecological and friendly world for our urban environments.


We offer you the possibility of advancing food sovereignty, recovering flavours, sensations, memories based on the possibility of growing your own food. Or developing a personal "green space" that allows you to generate a better quality of life. No matter the size of your home or work space. With our system you can integrate it in your day to day. We want to help that together we reduce the carbon footprint that each of the people on this planet, we generate. Our "MyPot" is designed so that each one of us can generate a green space that helps that commitment. Our "MyPot" concept is designed so that each and every one of us can generate a green space to assist us in this commitment. It is a developing social responsibility way for our relatives, friends and neighbours. And we can do it in any corner of our houses. We move to develop products that do not generate negative impact and that help us reduce it from an individual perspective. We want to generate community. A community without borders that shares diffuses and helps to regenerate our spaces of coexistence. With the MyPot system we can do it, but there are other ways and we want to help integrate them all.

Our Team

We are a young professional team, with multidisciplinary knowledge and extensive experience in various sectors, making available our talent at the service not only of our company, but the community we intend to generate and those we will join in the future. 

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