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MyPot® Vertical Vegetable Gardens are the best option for an urban home garden. HidroTower will allow you cultivate up to 16 different plants (tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, courgettes, eggplants, celery, parsley, rosemary, melon, watermelon, stevia, strawberries ...) requiring less than 1m2 of your terrace or balcony thanks to the vertical layout of the planting modules, which allow rapid and healthy plant growth.

What is a MyPot® Vertical Garden?

A vertical vegetable garden is a stratified cultivation system composed of a multitude of horticultural plants; this vertical structure requires very little space because it is stackable. MyPot® vertical garden’s main advantage is that they can be placed in any corner of the home that has adequate lighting. This will allow you to enjoy home-grown food in both indoor and exterior urban gardens, as well as allowing you to plant virtually anything you like. If you prefer to plant flowering plants, we guarantee a stunning floral column that will fill any given area with life and colour in a wonderful vertical garden.

New Garden System has developed an automatic, vertical urban garden that allows for healthy and strong growth of plants; the MyPot® HidroTower vertical grow table has all the necessary components to create your own automatic vertical vegetable garden from the word go.

How to create a vertical garden?

The assembly of the MyPot® vertical cultivation kit modules is very simple and intuitive; in addition, we offer online advice for any queries that may arise. Another major advantage when installing HidroTower is that you don´t need to carry soil sacks to plant your urban garden.With MyPot® you will grow in perlite as professional farmers do and you will not have to worry about irrigation, because it will be automatic. We include the MyFertiPot 3L fertilizer kit, necessary and recommended for the efficiency of the hydroponic grow system.  With the HidroTower cultivation system you only need to worry about choosing the plants for orchard or flower garden.

What is a HidroTower hydroponic cultivation system?

The HidroTower Vertical Cultivation Table is the most convenient and economical way to start gardening with MyPot®. It consists of a combination of all the components to enjoy a stratified vegetable garden, enabling you to cultivate everything you wish in the simplest, cleanest, most productive and cost effective way available today.

It is the most complete vertical hydroponic grow table on the market, it includes absolutely everything necessary to begin to cultivate. This system allows you to expand by replacing the recirculation pump with a more powerful one so you can add more MyPot® plantation modules vertically, increasing the number of plants that you can have in 1m2.

The HidroTower consists of:

-          Two MyPot® plantation modules: In each module, you can grow up to 8 different plants. They can be plants for growing produce so you enjoy your food sovereignty (vegetables, fruits, herbs ...) or plants to make your home more beautiful like house plants and flowers. These modules save 4L of nutrient solution after each recirculation; it is a security system so your plants will never wilt. The module creates a bioponic system, as they are served full of biologically active perlite substrate (accepted in organic farming).

-          MyPot® tank module: It is the pedestal of the cultivation tower; it supports the planting modules of the vertical garden. It stores 14L of water with MyFertiPot nutrient solution and is where the recirculation pump is placed. It allows wheels or leveling legs to aid mobility.

-          MyPot® Spacer Module: These modules allow you to increase the distance between two planting modules. It is assembled in a simple and safe way allowing you to take full advantage of the 8 planting holes of each module.

-          NOVA recirculation pump: This pump is for raising the nutrient solution from the deposit to the upper modules. It raises water to a 110cm height, and can be replaced by the IDRA or EXTREMA pumps that will allow you to build a vertical garden of up to 2m in height.

-          MyFertiPot Fertilizer: This fertilizer kit is a combination of three components that create a universal fertilizer that contains all the nutrients and trace elements necessary for your vertical garden to produce high quality vegetables and flowers. You will safely and quickly get large and healthy produce with amazing flavor.

-          Electric timer (automatic programmer): It will allow you to program your plants’ irrigation cycle so they never wilt. Your vertical garden will be irrigated automatically so you don’t have to worry about when it needs to be watered. All you have to do is ensure the deposit is full enough so all the plants are hydrated periodically.

How to water, plant and weed your MyPot® vertical garden.

Having a vertical garden has never been easier, more comfortable or productive. It is a very simple process and with MyPot®, also tidy because it does not use dirt. In the "MyPot® First Steps" tab you can find tutorials video where we explain in detail how to plant and water your MyPot® hydroponic system.

Planting is very easy as the perlite is so easy to use. You simply make a small hollow in the perlite next to the planting hole, place the root of the plant inside and cover it carefully with perlite. The garden’s irrigation is automatic and programmable, you only have to worry about keeping the water tank filled with pre-prepared nutrient solution, and irrigation will be programmed with the frequency that you select.    

Forget weeding, our system eliminates the need to weed the garden as only the plants that you choose will grow.

Advantages of a vertical garden system

A Vertical Garden is a perfect, compact solution for people that want to have fresh food at any time. Home-grow your food, and discover a new peace-of-mind that only comes from knowing that your food is 100% safe and healthy.

At New Garden System, we believe that a vertical garden is the best solution to create a green space in small areas of urban environments. From 1m2 you can grow, both indoors or outdoors, as long as the plants receive the right amount of light. By growing your own food, you will be taking care of yourself and your family, improving the quality of life in your surroundings. You will also help the environment by reducing your impact considerably.   

Producing your food near your home has advantages for you and the environment. Fresh vegetables, free from toxic agrochemicals increase the amount of vitamins and trace elements you consume, and this also eliminates the possibility of ingesting and accumulating endocrine disruptors that can affect our health very negatively. If you also consider that you do not need fossil fuels to produce, process, refrigerate and transport food, the carbon footprint of your food is dramatically reduced compared to the impact of agriculture on the planet.

Uses for vertical gardens

In your MyPot® Vertical Garden you can grow all kinds of plants. You can use it to increase your food sovereignty by planting delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs easily and automatically.

If you prefer, you can cultivate beautiful flowers and house plants, decorating the corners of your home. These creative solutions will allow you to grow a vertical, green space that, as well as being beautiful, will make you feel in touch with nature.

Interior Vertical Gardens

In many countries with cold climates, interior vertical gardens are presented as a solution for getting cheap and fresh vegetables. These places have low temperatures and/or few sunshine hours during long periods of the year. With the help of a LED lamp, they can produce much of the food they need, while improving health and economy.

Without the help of a LED lamp, it is more suitable to plant indoor ornamental plants in vertical gardens. These type of plants needs less amount of lighting and offer a decorative effect in your home. MyPot® offers you the possibility to enjoy interior vertical gardens virtually maintenance-and-worry-free, thanks to its automatic care system.   

Exterior Vertical Gardens

The variety of plants that can be grown in outdoor vertical urban gardens is higher in temperate climates. You can cultivate practically throughout the year, keeping in mind the sowing and harvesting calendar. The period of greatest growth and plant activity is spring and summer. Thanks to the good temperatures and longer hours of sunshine, you will harvest tomatoes, peppers and aubergines that will grow quickly and healthily up to autumn, when you can replace them and plant, for example, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce and / or celery.

These plants will look great on a balcony or terrace and, although horticultural plants are not the most decorative plants, they offer a beauty that diners will enjoy in your favourite recipes.

In any case, indoor or outdoor vertical gardens are perfect for enjoying the growth of your own plants in a natural way, fast and toxin-free for both body and the environment.

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    Grow very easily and automatically up to 24 naturally healthy vegetables at home ! MyPot® Automatic and modular Vertical Gardens are a culture system that allow self-cultivation of healthy food in a small space and quickly. They are suitable for places with limited space...
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  • Grow easily and automatically up to 24 fresh and natural vegetables at home ! MyPot® Automatic Vertical Gardens are an automatic, modular and user - friendly growing system, that allow growing healthy food, quickly and in a reduced space. They include everything you need...
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