MyPot® self-irrigating planters are the perfect choice for creating your own green space inside or out of your home, office or workplace. It will allow you to create beautiful floral compositions in patios, terraces or balconies. These are compact, multi-plant, self-irrigating planters that are easy to maintain and have great watering autonomy. Based on several professional hydroponics methods, they offer the possibility of vertical growth, saving a lot of space at home (requiring less than 1m2) and allowing the creation of beautiful floral collections.

Developed with an attractive and avant-garde design, all New Garden System products are manufactured in Spain with top quality, toxin-free materials, being 100% safe for food cultivation.

Our self-irrigating planters incorporate highly innovative cultivation technology, combining the most advanced and efficient techniques used in professional farming, adapted to home cultivation through an intense and continuous process of research, development and innovation.

It incorporates a system of self-irrigation, so you do not have to worry that your plants, herbs or flowers, are lacking in water or nutrients. It has an integrated water meter so it has a wide autonomy due to their great reserving capacity of water and fertilizer. You'll save time and space, getting dazzling results.

New Garden System home hydroponic products are so much more than planters! Discover the advantages and you will be enchanted with all the possibilities on offer.

Original modern planters

MyPot® designer planters have different styles depending on your preferences and the amount of plants you want to grow. Choose the designer planter that best suits your needs and compose that beautiful green space you are looking for at home.

MyPot® offers several designer planters types, all developed from hydroponic principles, ready to be cultivated immediately after its acquisition in an easy and clean way.

  • Leg Pot: LegPot is an original and attractive multi-plant planter that elevates the planting module from the ground. Due to its size and design, it is ideal for the cultivation of culinary condiments (such as parsley, rosemary, chives, coriander, stevia ...) to use just when you need them. Additionally, in this hydroponic system you can grow all kinds of vegetables.
  • Rolling Pot: It is our smallest designer pot. This modern planter requires very little space and includes four wheels to move this wonderful floral centre easily through your home, office or workplace.
  • Mini Tower: New Garden System MiniTower provides an elegant design to any place. Thanks to its distinguished pedestal, reminiscent of Roman Columns, its base is a tank that provides robustness and stability. It includes a plug for use indoors to avoid unwanted dripping, that when removed facilitates drainage in outdoor areas. The planting module is placed above the pedestal, which will be full of perlite ready to grow your favourite flowers. It can transform into a vertical bioponic garden with the addition of more plantation modules.

DESIGN YOUR HYDROPONYC KIT:  In New Garden System we want to encourage the imagination and creativity of our customers, so we offer the option to purchase each module separately, so you can configure your vertical garden with the features you want. You can combine them to your desire, as all our components are stackable, allowing for vertical growth. Thus, you can create bio-structures several meters high that can be used as living support for pergolas or arbors. All of them can be automated so you do not have to spend much time on maintenance.

Outdoor hydroponic planter systems

All New Garden System designer planter models are based on hydroponic cultivation techniques, suitable for the exterior of the home or your workplace. They are made of very high quality, toxin-free plastic materials. They resist the sun, frost, wind, rain... and, in addition, have a decorative appearance that will unexpectedly beautify your home. With them you will always have the option to grow vertically by adding new modules, and in so creating a highly productive and unique a vertical garden or urban kitchen garden.

For optimal performance, New Garden System recommends that you choose the right plants for indoors or out and use our MyFertiPot fertilizer kit, in order to provide all the nutrients needed for great plant growth.

Original Hydroponic Indoor planters

When planting your indoor hydroponic system its necessary to choose the right plants. If you are not sure which type of plants are best suited to the different environments, we recommend that you to ask for advice at your garden centre in order to choose the most appropriate plants for your premises and obtain great results. Our designer planters can be adapted to any location, but the plants need a minimum amount of light to grow, keep this in mind when you choose them.

With any MyPot® hydroponic growing kit you choice, you'll get exceptional results, creating live floral arrangements or kitchen gardens that will brighten the corners of your home.

Plastic Designer Planters with Efficient Technology

Each MyPot® model is composed of different elements, but they all have the MyPot® planting module in common. The other two modules, developed by New Garden System (tank and spacer), can be used in combination with this module to form different designer planters, unique on the market. All MyPot® modules are designed and manufactured in Spain with very high quality plastics. The material used is UV-treated polypropylene, an outdoor-resistant, toxin-free plastic (free from hormone disruptors such as bisphenol) authorized in organic farming.

MyPot® plantation module has a unique, patented and revolutionary design. There is no similar cultivation system on the market, so it is the only one able to integrate four hydroponic techniques used by professional farmers: Substrate hydroponics, bioponics, aeroponics and floating roots, obtaining unique results in the cultivation of any vegetable.

  • SUBSTRATE HYDROPONICS: It is full of perlite that has unique characteristics to favor the humidity, capillaries and root development
  • BIOPONICS: Our perlite is biologically activated with microorganisms, that are beneficial to the plants and naturally present in soil. These microorganisms produce organic substances that the plants absorb, acting as natural bionutrients and fortifiers. 
  • AEROPONICS: The top of the plantation module allows the roots to be in contact with air, favoring optimal oxygenation at all times
  • FLOATING ROOT: The lower part of the plantation module stores 4L of water where the plants’ roots fluctuate in their adult phase. Thus, plants never suffer water stress.

Advantages of Having a Designer Planter 

A design planter provides an original and creative space in our home or work place. New Garden System designer planters fit in anywhere, and are suitable for any type of vegetation be they houseplants, food or herbs.

Our designer planters are versatile and customizable, each of our self-irrigating planter models adapt to any corner of your surroundings, creating a green space in the home or office in a different and environmentally friendly way.

Environmentally Friendly andEfficient Planter

The production materials used in New Garden System designer planters are environmentally friendly and authorized for use in organic farming. Polypropylene does not contain toxic substances and is inert, as is the perlite, which is a natural material that does not chemically interact with plants. It only serves as a substrate in which the roots can develop.

Due to its characteristics, we only recommend perlite to fill the planting module of our hydroponic cultivation system. In addition, this system is based on bioponics (live hydroponics), because being biologically activated favours the microorganisms’ processes that occur naturally in soil.

For these and other reasons, our hydroponic products are not only designed for people that want an original and attractive planter, but also for people concerned with their health and protecting the environment.

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