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Vertical Gardens

MyPot® Vertical Gardens offer the possibility to have a complete flower garden in your own home or at work, without requiring too much space, time or money. Thanks to cultivation systems such as Babylon Model and Pisa Model, it is possible to grow all kinds of flowers and herbs in different modules that grow vertically. In addition, the modular structure on which they are cultivated has an attractive design that is adequate for indoors and outside.

What are vertical gardens?

A vertical garden integrates the attractive idea of enjoying your own garden, which many people cannot have because of lack of space. The main reason for this is because soil normally requires certain extension, not to mention constant maintenance to keep it moist and in good condition for all types of plants.

New Garden System Vertical gardens do not need soil. This means that, as well being able to construct a vertical structure on which you can planting of all type of aromatic plants or flowers, you save time.

Instead of soil, it works with perlite substrate, a made-in-Spain solution that serves in both outdoor and indoor environments.

Through the inclusion of different modules, the user can take advantage of the existing planters to plant whatever they desire. Each module is independent and offers great irrigation autonomy, so you only have to worry about applying the nutrient solution in each case to enjoy the vertical garden.

What grow in your home’s vertical gardens

Like designer flowerpots, a regular MyPot® vertical garden doesn’t include a recirculation pump or fertilizer. In a practical way, this means that this type of structures is more appropriate for growing flowers like roses or azaleas; ornamental plants like ferns or cheese plants; and herbs such as parsley, stevia, rosemary or thyme.

If you want to grow vegetables or other types of plants, we recommend vertical gardens that have a recirculation pump, so it will be much easier for them to grow healthily and strong.

Advantages of vertical gardens

The vertical gardens offer a clear advantage with regards to space. You can make them grow vertically by stacking independent modules, thanks to spacer pieces that fit in the different departments, in which you can also plant a selection of different flowers.

A vertical garden also offers an attractive design, by mixing the image of the structure itself and the selected ornamental flowers or plants. It was designed in white to adapt to any type of space, both interior or exterior. And the plastic makes it lightweight and durable, so you can move it to another place as you require.

Of course, choosing what to plant in the vertical garden will greatly condition its external presence. Striking flowers or ornamental plants can offer colour to the home or work place, according to the decorative style of the area and the taste of each user.

Also, this vertical garden requires very little work. Thanks to Babylon Model and Pisa Model´s modular system, it is very easy to place another vertical planting module above the existing one, so that our garden continues to grow.

MyPot® vertical garden’s installation is very simple. Simply place the flowers and plants in each hole and ensure to cover with the perlite to allow optimum growth.

The maintenance of the Vertical garden is also easy to carry out and requires little time. An external display allows you to identify when it is necessary to water again and how much, ensuring adequate growth in each case.

Naturally, one must also consider the personal advantage for the user, as now it’s very easy to have our own garden, an ecological space, pleasing to the eye and linked to Nature.

Babylon Model and Pisa Model for Vertical Gardens

Babylon Model and Pisa Model vertical garden system consists of MyPot® plantation modules, in which it is possible to combine up to 8 different plants or flowers in each of them (16 in total). Using a bioponic system (live hydroponics) with perlite substrate, that offers the best environment for plants to develop as quickly and healthily as possible, both indoors and out.

Babylon Model and Pisa Model system modules are watertight and prevent the loss of water or nutrients by evaporation, thus making plant growth easier than in any other type of garden. As each module has a reservoir for several litters, the irrigation system offers great self-sufficiency.

In addition to the watertight modules, the Babylon Model and Pisa Model includes a MyPot® tank module that forms the base of the entire vertical garden, it also provides stability and robustness in its levelling legs, as well as the possibility of placing casters to facilitate movement to different areas, so you can have a vertical garden anywhere in the house or work.

How to water your Vertical Garden

Because of the low nutritional requirements of ornamental and flowering plants, it is not necessary for MyPot® vertical gardens to have a recirculating water system, so we don´t need to use a pump to recirculate water. To irrigate, you simply have to water through the top of the highest plantation module until all the plantation MyPot® modules are filled. If you have an automatic irrigation system, you can also place a drip on top and irrigate periodically with water.

However, for a healthy and vigorous plant growth, you will need to fertilize regularly, for that we recommend you use MyFertiPot fertilization kit, composed of a universal fertilization formula and a chromatic pH stabilizer. Our fertilizer is very powerful and balanced, so you will need to use very low doses of this universal fertilizer. The ratios are 2Ml/L, 1mL/L of Universal A and 1mL/L of Universal B in the irrigation water, then add the chromatic pH stabilizer until the nutrient solution turns to an INTENSE ORANGE colour. Ornamental plants have very low nutritional demands compared to horticultural plants, but they always need correct fertilization to make them look splendid.


Vertical garden bioconstructions with MyPot®: Pergolas, gazebos, green walls and floral columns

With MyPot® it is very easy to integrate vertical gardens into structures such as bio-pergolas or bio-gazebos as well as building green walls or floral columns, whatever the needs of the user. MyPot® has a reinforced internal structure, which supports large amounts of weight, so it becomes a rigid and living pillar in which to grow flowers, ornamental plants and/or herbs.

When stacking the MyPot® plantation modules you can grow vertically to the height you want, if you are interested in building a green wall, floral column or a bio-pergola for your porch or terrace, do not hesitate to contact us for free advice on what you need to build a magnificent self-irrigating vertical garden and enjoy these bio-constructions in your home or work place.

Vertical Gardens with aquaponics

The Vertical Gardens for aquaponics are designed for people who are fond of pisciculture and aquariums. MyPot® cultivation system can easily be adapted to fish ponds or small lakes, solving the problem nitrogen (toxic for aquatic animals) accumulation, preventing the water from going green due to excess nutrient accumulation.

MyPot® plantation modules are very suitable for practising aquaponics, as they act as physical and biological filters that purify the water of small and medium ponds. The perlite inside filters larger particles, and the plant’s roots remove nutrients derived from the aquatic animal’s castings, thus our system serves as a biological filter returns high quality filtered water to the pond and fish, while growing a vertical, floral or salad garden.

To build a bio-filter we recommend the acquisition of three plantation modules and a spacer module, these modules will be stacked next to the pond forming a wonderful floral column or salad garden that will return toxin-free water to the pond for the aquatic animals, all the while producing marvellous, 100% healthy food. For more information on our biofilters, contact us for a no-obligation consultation!

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