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  • 16,21 €

    The DRAINAGE GRID is an internal part of the MyPot® planting module. It is designed to separate the perlite substrate from the 4L internal reservoir. It is essential for the correct functioning of the cultivation system. It allows correct internal drainage for the perlite, promoting water capillarity and distributing the humidity that forms in the...

    16,21 €
  • 16,00 €

    MyPot® ANTI-ROOT FILTERS are anti-root replacement sponges for the MyPot® hydroponic cultivation system.These filters are sponges that are placed in the internal MyPot® planting module drainage grid; allowing water and nutrients circulation while discouraging roots from reaching the internal reservoir of this module. They have been designed to not...

    16,00 €
  • 2,54 €

    MyPot® TANK MODULE PLUG is a small piece designed to seal this module. It is placed in the tank’s hole and must be removed in order to check the amount of nutrient solution in the system and to fill it.

    2,54 €
  • 5,81 €

    There are 4 lids for the module’s surface and 4 for the sides. It will be necessary to place these lids in the planting holes that are not being used to avoid excessive water evaporation.

    5,81 €
  • 13,67 €

    DOSING DEVICEis an external part of the MyPot® plantation module. It is placed at the top and works as a lid to the system. This tray includes 4 planting holes that create a crown with 4 plants at the top of MyPot® cultivation systems. It also has an important role in plant training, because it has holes in which to place the stakes and guide the stem’s...

    13,67 €
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