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  • MyPot® PLANTATION MODULE is the main part of the growing system developed by the New Garden System. It is a versatile, easy to use, modular, stackable and efficient structure which you can grow healthy vegetables and / or wonderful floral compositions.

    Each MyPot® growing module consists of:

    -          External module structure

    -          Batching tray

    -          Drainage grid

    -          8 lids

    -          4 anti-root...

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    78,00 €
  • The MyPot® SPACER MODULE is a piece that fits perfectly into the MyPot® plantation module and has several functions. One is to allow space between two plantation modules in your kitchen garden and/or vertical garden biostructures, another is to serve as a base for mini kitchen gardens, ideal for small spaces such as cornices and/or kitchens and, lastly, as a support for large agricultural facilities. 

    When used as a spacer, you widen the space between two modules, taking advantage of the 8 planting holes in each plantation module without interrupting the recirculation flow between the modules. Additionally, this will create a fountain inside the structure, providing the relaxing sound of water circulation.

    If used as a base, you will elevate your...

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    35,70 €
  • MyPot® DEPOSIT MODULE is a sturdy, high quality that provides several key functions to your urban kitchen garden or vertical garden with an elegant design. This module fits perfectly into the MyPot® plantation module, providing great stability to the creations (growing table, urban kitchen garden and/or vertical garden). It houses the recirculation pump and is where the nutrient solution of our cultivation system is stored. Additionally, it allows you to link up with other modules to facilitate the kitchen garden’s upkeep. Optionally, you can install levelling feet or wheels at its base to facilitate movement.

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    126,00 €