Easy is designed to make your life easier, for this we have divided the life cycle of your favorite plants into 4 phases and we have developed a single product for each of them.
Fertilizer suitable for:
Would you like to not have to mix products in order to feed your plants in a balanced way and also get the best possible result?
What if you could have it all in one product?
Imagine being able to fertilize your plants without a nutrition table and using only one product.
Now with easy all this IS POSSIBLE
Why should you try the easy fertilizer product range on your crops?

Always the same range of Fertilizer.

Whether you grow in pots, in soil, in In coconut or hydroponic systems you will use the same range of products and you will get the best possible result.

More production and more quality.

Our formulas have been developed by experts in plant nutrition and tested on many crops before being released.

You will use only one product for each phase.

By using only one product, you won't make mistakes and you will spend less time preparing the nutritive solution.

You will save a lot of money.

The new Easy range for Growing and Flowering is twice as economical as most brands on the market and the Fill and Finish range will cost you three times less, however, the result you will get will be better and the final product will be of higher quality.

3 simple steps to fertilizing with Easy.
Select the carafe according to the growing phase you are in (remember to use only one carafe for each phase).
Add fertilizer slowly until you reach the recommended EC for the week or growing phase you are in. (If you do not have an EC meter, select the water quality you have and use the dosage table.
Check that the ph is within the values (5.5 to 6.8) and if so you can water your plants.

Gama Easy   There are 4 products.

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